The world's best interactive toys for internet love

Launched in 2012, the first edition has sold over 10,000 pieces to the lovers all over the world.

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Feel your lover's passionate actions
whenever you feel needed

Is you love always not around? LovePalz makes distance no longer an issue
but a romantic short time-out

Keep your life fresh, be a wild lover.

The best surprise to your lover is to become a bad girl that he can never expect coming.

Anytime, anywhere, each moment is
full of excitement.

Every couple need a bit of excitement to spice up your relationship.
Are you ready to do so?

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Make the actions virtually real.

"The post-modern virtual-reality has now begun"…….GQ Japan

Feel no distance even he is miles away

"you can actually feel what your lover is doing to you in real time, even if there happen
to be miles and oceans between the two of you.” …..TechCrunch

Real toys that give pleasure

"Hera is the most advanced sex toy that I have ever used, the only truly
interactive sex device that pleases a woman"…..Wicked Kinky

Use it however you like, its all about
creativity & imagination

I was even able to use both Zeus and Hera together, at the same time!
That was awesome!".....Christopher

The best internet sex you have
never experienced.

"Thanks to LovePalz, it could be extended to multi-sense
organs' experience"…..Wired

Why makes your lover wait?

Act now to get the best love toys ever! Before its too late, have it now!

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